Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hybrid Squirrels

Since I am talking about the Common Tree Shrew that looks almost like the squirrel, I got into a discussion with a friend regarding breeding of animals for the pet industry. It seems all other countries are ahead of Malaysia in that aspect. Interestingly, I got to know that a neighbouring country has successfully developed a squirrel hybrid (3 different colouration actually). Haven't seen it, but has placed an order for one just out of curiosity.

Any serious conservationist would be aghast at hybridisation of any species. Especially if a particular species is already declining in numbers. Do hybrids occur in nature? Seems there has been observations of the Yellow-vented Bulbuls crossing with Red-whiskered Bulbuls in the wild. Personally I have not seen it, but it seems plausible. Especially when the Red-whiskered is quite difficult to find and mating with a close cousin could be an option.

Lets see how these hybrid squirrels looks like. Hope they don't end up like the Flower Horns of yesteryears.

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