Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Broken Cage Pt. 6

I hope that this would be the last of this broken series hahaha!

Caught a squirrel with a mouse trap yesterday which I placed on top of my dog kennel. One of my friend thinks that it is probably a mouse or rat as the squirrel would probably eat the fruits rather than the dry food. Anyway will put up the trap again to catch whatever rodents that passes by.

Placed out some food laced with poison yesterday for the cat. This cat has been harassing my birds for a long time already and managed to kill a Zebra Dove and Magpie Robin. Black in colour with a white chest. I named him "kucing puaka" which means devilish cat yesterday night while talking to a friend on the phone.

See - it's a smart cat. 3 times, the trap did not get it. Once the trap sprang but nothing is inside. I don't know how it was done, but the fish inside the trap is missing. So, the cat probably ate it before escaping. Another time, the trap door did not spring and food I placed on a plate & bait on the hook was eaten. It happened another time again & the cat is often seen just sitting beside the trap, eating out of my dog's bowl, looking at me from the fence, looking at the birds and practically walking around the area like he owns it.

Next, I mix some food with radiator coolant (a friend taught me this) - food I bought the wet type "Whiskas" meant for cats. Must be very nice, he finished all the food including the radiator coolant soup. Still alive.

Then bought poison......

This stuff need to write down identity card number to buy. Mix it with "Whiskas" food and he finished it all yesterday. Today lunch time, my domestic helper reported (laughingly, as she knows I have been trying to get even with the cat) that the cat is still alive......

what can I say :-( real devil of a cat. Maybe a slow acting poison (even though seller claims that if I put in a lot, it would kill a rat a few feet away). Real "kucing puaka" sheeeesh!

If the cat remains alive, I will call a temporary truce until he disturbs me again......

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Unknown said...

It is likely to be a squirrel. They will go for your dry food but not the bird. The rats will go for the birds as well...this I had learned the hard way....[i]sigh[/i]