Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lutino Shama

Did a quick search on the meaning of Lutino but couldn't find a good description. Will spend more time on the term "Lutino" later on. Suffice to name this Shama - Lutino Shama as described by his previous owner.

Will be interesting to see if this genetic defect can be passed on ;-)

Meanwhile, I shall keep this interesting specimen......

Two interesting links have been provided by Jeffrey Low, it did not appear properly in the comment section, so I will reproduced them here:


Unknown said...

I think it is a form of leucism.
Check these out:

dance4rain said...

Thanks Jeffrey, you have always been a store of information for many hobbyists :-)

Unknown said...

I may be wrong. I think it is a leucistic form - dilution of melanin hence the silver grey areas where it should be black.

I think Lutino is a form of albinism in some parakeets, budgies etc, a yellow form with red eyes.