Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken Cage Pt.2

It is very sad to note that more cages are being destroyed by an unidentified culprit. This time an old tall cage housing a Golden Fronted Leafbird. Luckily the bird is quite stable and tame. He remained in his cage unlike the earlier Red-whiskered Bulbul that flew away (presumably). The target appears to be food in the feeder cup as it has been emptied. So, the bird appears not to be it's target. That was yesterday.

Today, another similar damage.... a bar broken and food contents in the cup eaten. This time, this RWB remained in it's cage. Lucky me! As this bird belongs to a friend. It's one thing to lose one's own birds, but another to lose other's. I prefer to lose my own birds anytime as compared to those owned by others.

Now, how to rectify the menace posed by this potentially dangerous and expensive pest?

Will put poison in the cup and hang back the cage (without the bird). Meanwhile, will put it back first while I go get some poison tomorrow :-(

I don't believe in killing pests unnecessarily, but I think it is necessary now. Cannot afford to lose some of my birds.

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -


Unknown said...

I know your birds are hung outdoors. Could it be squirrels?

dance4rain said...

Yes, I should think so. The tree shrew comes to mind. A friend suggested starlings. It is possible, but the clean cut break on the cage at 2 side suggest a rodent of some sort. Anyway, whatever that is causing the damage have to go. It is becoming a habit :-(