Saturday, April 24, 2010

Broken Cage Pt.5

Looks like the cage breaker is still on the loose.
Now he has upgraded itself to Shama cages :-(
The cage belongs to Zeus, an old Shama. Transfered him to another cage and did a simple repair using copper wires.

Looks like no choice but to start covering cages and leave out one with poisoned food as a solution.


Anonymous said...

hi there,
i am really concern for you about the cage breakage and attack on your birds.

really hope to see this brought to an end and the culprit caught and the right thing done to it..a cat? a mouse?...part 5 already this thing must be stopped.


dance4rain said...

Thanks for your concern, whoever you are ;-)
My almost immediate reaction everytime is anger. But normally I cool down somewhat later. Set up trap again today with banana (for the suspected squirrel/mouse/tree shrew)and 2 pieces of delicious chicken, 1 on a plate and 1 in the trap (for the cat - forgot to mention my Zebra Dove "pikat" was killed by this bugger yesterday).

Last chance - resort to poison tomorrow if cannot trap them...... very very potent brew.