Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Pair of Straw-headed Bulbul (Barau-barau)

Now, I am not really a Barau-barau enthusiast. Just concerned regarding their dwindling numbers in the wild. I have been hearing a lot about breeding successes in Indonesia and Thailand, but locally, it is virtually unheard about.

Of course there are one or two here, but not on a consistent and big scale.

My next intended project would be to breed these birds and hopefully could encourage others to do the same. Then, these birds may have a chance ...... yet

A word about the new pair I bought. They are a pair bought by a person who then joined together 2 metal dog kennels to make an aviary. He kept them in a room in his house. I do not know the reason why, but after an estimated year plus, both birds seem to be losing feather. The female now looks more like a baby bird.

Yesterday while bathing them, the female bird fell on her back in the bath tray and couldn't pick herself up. I had to intervene and catch her before she drowned herself. Today, they appeared to be well. Hope both of them can be nursed back to health.

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Anonymous said...

howdy, look like your blog has been deserted for quite sometime, busy breeding the barau-barau i guess...any luck?