Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feng Shui

Feng Shui as an ancient Chinese art of geomancy need little introduction. In fact too much info is already out there with each proponent singing praises of their own "brand" of Feng Shui. This is a bird keeping blog, I shall reserve my comment :-D

I have been involved in Feng Shui long before I started keeping birds. Mainly as a student and curiosity kind of thing. I do not do it for a living. In fact I normally refuse payments and would require a donation made to a third party organisation. Not because I am the goody holy fella, just because I am not sure how effective all these formula and theories are hahaha! (my sifu would strangle me for saying this). Anyway even this I have stopped as it is sapping too much time and energy from me.

In the course of my study, I get to do some interesting stuff. See, to test the ancient theories, enough research must be done and documented. Not locked away and selectively shared. But in the real world, much sharing are done on that basis - must protect the secret. I could go on and on, but suffice to say that there are also good reasons to be secretive. I have visited crime scenes, murder scenes, fire scenes all in the name to find the common factor. They are all quite challenging. Too challenging in fact for me. What is easier to do is to find the Feng Shui common factor on which spot makes the songbird sings more hehehe! What else ;-)

Would post my prognosis if non of it contravenes pre-agreed code of silence :-D

Anyway, most bird hobbyist would tell you of certain location in their house where birds appear to calm down faster, increase form etc etc. Now the question - purely environmental or more?

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