Friday, April 8, 2011

Aviary Project

Working on a project to turn a few aviaries into a tourist attraction place. I am going way above my head on this. But just hoping to also set up a Straw-headed Bulbul (Barau-barau) sanctuary for non-profit conservation purposes. Wonder whether any of those wildlife trust funds would be interested in funding me ;-). Anyway working as if I have to self fund it from profit of the commercial side. Gotta leave this world thinking I tried to do something useful (shiok sendiri) hahaha! Good for the soul, I was told.

Interestingly it also brings to mind an important question. Can a small bird park be profitable? A few friends seem to think so. I certainly hope so....

This year, a friend of a friend in Batam managed to successfully raise 7 Barau chicks (and still counting) from 4 pairs of wild caught birds. He started his project since 2009. I wish to put on record, the time span of 2 years for the birds to settle down and start breeding (wild caught birds). At least for this case and his setup.

Batam is just a day trip from Malacca. Planning for a weekend visit there soon to view and record his setup. Learning never cease.... it would be a boring life if it does isn't it? ;-)

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