Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training a Lovebird

Let's dedicate another chapter of my bird keeping life to training of birds. After ordering a couple of crows and a hornbill (exchange program ;-)) I thought it better to get started.

So, I spent a little time with the Hill Myna and Lovebird today. Been months since I last handled the Lovebird. It's wing feathers growing nicely. Luckily not too wild. Will get it accustomed to being handled and give clicker training a try ;-)
Now, the challenge is to find a food that is irresistible for it. So far sunflower seeds isn't good enough. Maybe it takes time as I have not fed it with sunflower seeds for months already ;-\


Anonymous said...

hey man, googled 'lovebird kuching blog' n urs popped up. lovely peachface u have there. R u in Kuching and do u know of any lovebirds for sale/breeders in/around kuching man? really want to get one as family pet man. thanks!

dance4rain said...

Google is a good search engine, but obviously not perfect :D
I am not in Kuching and do not know of any breeders there. Sorry, unable to assist you. You may like to try Malaysia Bird Forum.