Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Death of another Shama

Funny thing about all these cat attacks was, after the initial anger, when I analysed it, I could take several course of actions. Easiest was to leave poison laced baits. Over the years, I believe I have found one of the most potent poison around. The cat would probably die while chewing the food itself.

Sigh! .... should I do it just because I can? Initially, yes! that was the single thing in mind throughout most of the day. But then, wasn't it uttered by a wise man before that having power and not using it is a most difficult thing to do? I will choose the difficult path......

My prognosis looking at the crime scene and taking some cues from the C.S.I. tv series hahaha!....
The Shama was probably agitated by the presence of the cat and was probably trying to defend the female (in a cage inside the aviary, thus was actually in no danger). That is the only way a cat could get to the male. As he has the whole aviary to fly in. Why did he fall beside the aviary near the female's cage, it's leg which was found outside the aviary indicates its a neighbours cat. Shows that it is well fed and not actually looking for a meal. Ugly scene, it's nice to think that probably the Shama was killed because he was too fierce. A hero in my heart.

I have cat proofed the whole place using wire mesh.... windows, doors, air vents.... hope it is enough to stop the assault and protect the birds.


tancho said...

I'm unsure if this will work, but it may be worth a try.

There is a spray that imitates dog's pee, which is available from most pet supply shops that carry doggie stuff . It's used to train dogs to pee in a certain spot.

Perhaps you can use the spray to apply the scent around/nearby the aviary to deter cats from coming near when they smell the scent.

Unknown said...

Bro D4R,

How about building another layer of netting 10cm apart from existing ones? So that no prey can grad hold of their (birds) legs. long term solution.

Anonymous said...

hi D4R,

i'm sorry that your shama had been killed. must be a horrific sight. is there a possibility that a shrew got to it instead? they are small, agile and very aggressive. i once saw a shrew attacking a friend's adult hamster in the nite. it bit and tried to yank it out of the cage.