Tuesday, April 26, 2011

White-crowned Shama

One of those unplanned thing. Didn't plan to add a White crowned shama to my stock, what with the change in status of this bird from not protected to TP (totally protected).

Looks like another trip to the wildlife department is needed. So much for trying to keep a lower profile. I am sure I am beginning to look more like a trader than an ordinary hobbyist.... sigh! have to fortify my home for an impending raid hahaha!

Anyway, this WCS is a tame little fella & in a heavy molt. I will see if I can quickly assemble an aviary for it to molt in. One that measures 5ft long X 4ft wide X 5ft high which I have already prepared the frame for.

Copsychus stricklandii

Updated photo May 2011

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