Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hand-raised Barau

Very rare to see a baby Straw-headed Bulbul (Barau-barau) nowadays. A lesser offence if one were to keep an elephant I think hahaha!
Keeping this little fella within ear shot of the adults so that it would grow up learning the wild song typical of such bulbuls.

Looking at the current law, I would probably need to return 4 licenses to the authorities. It may be too expensive to maintain a flock of them.

Should work harder on the Barau sanctuary I envisioned. But first, would like to make a trip to Batam to take a look at 7 babies born this year. Yeah! the Indons have been quite successful breeding these bulbuls. No reason for us to lament and sigh at the reducing number of birds. All it takes is a little effort here and there. The Barau still has hopes ;-)

Breed and release.... then the mandatory RM30k minimum penalty for catching & keeping Baraus without license makes more sense :-D

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