Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anak Tunggal

There is this thing about "anak tunggal" (single offspring). Quite a lot of my Malay friends believe that the anak tunggal will turn out very good. I didn't have much of a chance to observe this phenomena objectively. This month, 2 potentials will enable me to observe this thing more closely. 1 is a Tekukur that was bred by a friend from a female I bought not too long ago thinking that its a male. Its her first brood and there is only 1 chick. Should be interesting.

Another is a Shama chick. This is the first time such occurence was noticed by my friend. He says, he has never come across a single chick before. 3 chicks very common, 2 chicks fairly common. Lets put to test this "anak tunggal" theory ;)

A picture of the Shama tunggal:

Will post picture of the Spotted Dove's tunggal when I get it ;)

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