Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Green Singing Finch (2 mth later)

A video of my Green Singing Finch after about 2 months. Was suspicious initially whether this fella will be with me long. So far he has been a joy to own. Sometimes I wonder where he got all those energy from.

There are no competitive finch keeping where I am from. This little fella is good, as far as I understand these Green Singing Finches. Does not "aw tau" (twist his head around), which is a common habit observed in these green singers.
Starting today, I spiced up his food with a teaspoon of Canary Molting formula seed to see whether he will benefit from it ;)

Took him out to the "Merbok Padang" once and hang him at eye level on the poles meant for Merboks. He sang loudly and beautifully there. He just earned himself a passport to more outings hahaha!

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