Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training Aviary

Well, everything has its blessings. The escape of the Green Jungle Fowl frees some room in the aviary for me to experiment in training of Zeus in a flight aviary. His middle toe nail on his right foot broke off. Hopefully his toe nail on his left foot follow suit. The hopping and flying around must have caused enough abrasion to chip off his overgrown nails.

Getting him in and out of the aviary doesn't seems to be a problem. Now the other thing to take note of is whether his stamina would improve over time.

22nd Aug '09: Took out 2 Shamas to "chai" with Zeus in the aviary. Very interesting exercise. Managed to see displays not normally seen when Zeus is in a bamboo cage. Would have taken a video if not for my messy garden. For the record, the black feet and 8.4" Shama sang well. Zeus utilised most of the front part of the aviary to show aggression. Diving down, hovering and hopping on the ground like a squirrel. However not much of singing though. Hope I can find time to bring him out to "chai" at the "Merbok padang" tomorrow.


http://breedingparakeets.blogspot.com/ said...

cute little birds. i have also birds in my back yard and i love them so much

dance4rain said...

TQ. Into parakeets?