Sunday, August 2, 2009

Self Censorship

Often, in my zest to share, there are posts that I have to re-evaluate and eventually remove taking into considerations the prevailing laws and sensitivities.
When I post a little too much, is it an act of showing off?
I hope not. It was never the intention. This blog was started to put in text, personal thoughts and experience as an amateur songbird keeper trying to find the best way to enjoy the hobby.

Some friends has suggested that I would truly be enjoying myself in my retirement days since I could devote more time in it. However, bird keeping has not been in my list of things to do during retirement. I plan to keep birds during my productive years and hopefully has nothing to do with them when the time comes for me to retire. The downside of having animals depending on you is the drag on your freedom to travel and move about, the freedom to disappear from "civilisation" for months on end. That would be the main reason why I would not be able to keep any "pets", should I retire and call it a day from my work.

So, while I am at it (bird keeping), I will try to document as much as legally possible, the local birding scenes as I see it. Although, in my opinion, omitting to talk about things like cock-fighting, bird-fighting, gambling, hunting etc. etc. that is happening actually leaves out a huge chunk of information.

Peace to all. Sukhi hotu - may you be well.

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