Monday, August 10, 2009

Escape of the Green Jungle Fowl

Wow! today my "park attendant" (this nick name got a long story behind it) forgot to close the door of the aviary housing my Green Jungle Fowl. Piecing together, this is what might have happened. After escaping, the GJF was a bit frightened and tried to get back into the aviary. My "park attendant" must have panicked and tried to help. Seeing her approaching, the GJF also panicked and flew to the roof of my house. Seeing all the action, the free roaming Red Jungle Fowl (female feathered) must have chased after him (being territorial and all).

When I got back, the RJF was proudly perched on the roof top with no GJF in sight. Rest of the day was spent catching the RJF to be caged so that in case the GJF chooses to return, he won't be chased away again. Chances are quite slim as the GJF is a bit jumpy and easily scared. So, all human actibvities might have driven him further and further away.

Here is hoping that he can find his way back. If not, hopefully he will produce some Bekisar in the wild hahahaha!

Update: no sign of the GJF this morning (11th Aug). Looks like I have to wish him bon-voyage ;)

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