Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Jungle Fowl

I have often heard of the wild nature of the original Red Jungle Fowl. About how despite caring for them from day 1, they still retain their wild nature. Yesterday, I had a first hand experience witnessing how wild they are. I kept 2 females from young (from eggs actually - taken probably at day 2). These 2 young chickens are kept initially with a lighted bulb in an acrylic aquarium in my living room. That is to show how much exposure they have to humans.

When they are bigger, they were moved into a cage outdoor and subsequently, 1 was given away to a friend who says he wanted to breed these RJFs. I retained 1 and eventually kept for some time with my male Green Jungle Fowl. After getting my female feathered RJF cock (not ori) and seeing him come of age, I decided to release the ori female RJF to roam free with the RJF cock.

It happened yesterday, I opened the door of the aviary and the female came reluctantly out, took about 1 second to assimilate herself and took flying off. She flew above my neighbours' roof (2 storeys) until she disappeared out of sight. Didn't see hwr for the entire day after that. Thought she was gone forever.

Then this evening, saw her foraging for food near my house. A friend told me she would probably loiter around for a week or so before disappearing for good. Well, it would be interesting to see if the prediction is accurate.

Female RJF foraging on the ground:

The feature is more pheasant like with small drooping tail. If she can mate with the female feathered RJF, then their chicks could be something worth raising ;)

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