Monday, August 3, 2009

Chase for the perfect food?

OK, I got tired of making my own bird food, getting tired of adding extra oomph to existing bird food available in the market. So, I jumped at the chance to acquire a good brand of bird food for insectivore birds that is available in Singapore. Wow! at the exchange rate of 2.452 (time I bought the food), it sure will burn a hole in my pocket ;)

The process? contact the distributor in Singapore, get a friend to bring it to Malaysia and collect from the friend. Simple eh?

Well, I have been blessed with good friends who do not mind lending a helping hand. However, on the transaction day, a few logistic nightmares happened that is a learning in itself (note to self: don't cram too many things into a day).

I actually started out early to meet my friend in Machap to take delivery of the food. With time in hand, I thought I traveling to Merlimau to buy dukong (local fruit) for my friend, catch up with a "bird kaki" would be a good idea.

To make a long story short, I underestimated the distance from Merlimau to get back to the highway, and the distance to Machap. Was hauled up halfway by the friendly traffic policemen out to "cari makan" for speeding, nearly run out of fuel and felt terrible still being late :(

OK, now that the food is with me, it better lives up to expectations hehehe!
I have enough stock to last me between 6 to 10 months depending which birds I feed it with. Will report on it in due course, but being recommended by good knowledgeable hobbyists, I have no doubts about it. Now the next hurdle is to get a bird with good traits and see how far he can go (looking at 1 expensive bird at the moment - expensive is rather relative, so its expensive to my standard which by the way is quite low) ;)

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