Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grasshopper species

Is this the grasshopper locally known as the "Lionhead" grasshopper?
2 persons I have checked with thinks so. According to the grasshopper catcher, he can probably cath 2 or 3 only in a single outing.

Top view....

The male - smaller in size

These are more common. 800 to 1000 caught in a single outing. This guy must be a pro. Even at home when trying to get them out, they are quick and strong jumpers.

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Anonymous said...

just a silly crazy thought. recently locust problem and the rest..

enterprising aussie and people here maybe could had cash-in on the locust manace, certified not contaminated with insecticide, imported frozen hoppers can make money? many songbird keepers searching high and low for grasshoppers over here. hahah!

dance4rain said...

I don't think its too crazy an idea ;-) Time to hit back.... you create havoc, we create a feast :-D

However, the locust are not much sought after. In China, it can be turned into a delicacy. Don't know whether same species.
Maybe you can dry them and grind them into powder form (as sold in some bird shops) to be sold as a supplement....

Anonymous said...

they are sold as live food as i saw it on a UK website. there was one site that i came across whereby the owner mentioned that their locust are bred in farms and sold as pet food. have fun - check out this address. cheers!