Sunday, December 5, 2010


So far, I have been avoiding the hookbills especially non local residential species. But anyway, to hone in on training birds for free flight, the Lovebirds fit the bill perfectly. Bold little birds especially those handfed ones and not easily spooked for their size - not to mention that it won't burn a big hole in the pocket ;-).
I still prefer the songbirds though. This hookbill is adopted for a purpose ;-) Collected today (4th Dec) while I was on my way to MAHA 2010 (that will be another story).

My son has named it "Play", for obvious reasons. It is good for him to get accustomed to handling birds at a young age. Good for me hahaha!
Anyway, I believe it could be flown outdoor when a reliable recall can be achieved. How to achieve that is still unknown to me :-D

The face of joy ;-)

Play's wing has been clipped. I plan to let it grow so that its flight could be better controlled and stronger. But it comes with a lot of danger, I realised - from a lot of common items like the aquarium, larger birds (hill myna), stove, oil lamp, cats, fan, toilet etc etc.....
ooooo......! maybe I won't let it fly after all ;-)

Well....... let's see how it goes......

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