Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homing Sparrows

I was at a friend's house where he caught some house sparrows. On a good day, if he bthers to send to the shop, even a house sparrow can fetch RM1 each. Anyway, he was lazy to send to the shop, the 8 sparrows that he caught. He is unwilling to release near his home, as they are viewed as pests that eats his Spotted Doves' seeds and their droppings are messy in his house compound. He ask me to release near my house.

I stay maybe 15km away only and I told him they would find their way back. So, as an experiment, I tagged all the 8 sparrows with the smallest cable tie I could find and release them in my house compound. I ask him to look out for sparrows with such markings on their right leg. Just to see if they can be safely released 15km away from their feeding ground.


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