Thursday, December 16, 2010

Off Road Misadventure

It is one of those days that you have the blessings of knowing and experiencing the good and helpful nature of the human side. On an outing (chasing after an elusive bird of course) recommended by a friend (got a call on the way home) - Thought I will just go and see the place only as I do not have my bino nor my traps with me.

Making a long story short, I had a little experience most off-road hobbyists encounter on a daily basis :-D

Here, I should mention much gratitude to 4 young Malay lads who tried to help and got muddied all over their bodies. Even though unsuccessful, it was the attempt that matters. Thanks too to a friend who drove all the way there to try pulling me out & loan of the metal chain.
Thanks too to the unknown Malay gentleman along with his family who finally pulled me out. Much gratitude :-)

Now I know why some folks just love 4WD. I am beginning to like them too :-D

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