Friday, December 3, 2010

Mystery carcass

I have been taught to look at things as signs. Things always appear to tell us something.... or so I was told. Anyway, I have never been good at deciphering anything hahaha!
So, it is a mystery when a leftover carcass of a bird was found in my garden today. Immediate thought was that a cat must have devoured one of my birds and left an unfinished wing as a token of appreciation :-/

But after checking that all the birds are still intact in their cages, I must wonder what it all means. that a Sparrowhawk caught a prey and devoured it on my rooftop and drop the balance? That a cat caught a wild bird and again left the balance on the grass? hmmmm....... all possible explanation but isn't it easier to get one of my birds that are placed low on the ground? Aren't those fat Zebra Doves hanging on the patio juicier for the Sparrowhawk than the scrawny little birds flying free in the garden?

Hmmm.....! questions, questions, questions, which I will probably never get the answers. Next project must be to get a huge crystal ball for me to gaze at. Must be an omen......

Too big to belong to a sparrow...... too yucky to investigate further...... maybe a bulbul

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