Saturday, December 25, 2010

Historical pic of the bird trade

Now, I may be infringing on some copyright thing, but base on good faith and for fair educational use (taken from the pages of "The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Animals - Prof Dr. Yong Hoi Sen"), I hope it is allowed ;-)

I do not remember such scene in my younger days, but assuming its from old archives and it is not the painter's own figment of imagination, then it would make an interesting scene to sell birds in such manner.

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Anonymous said...

this is interesting. his "old days' could be referring to the 1930s, 1940s thru the early 1950s era whereby many of us here were not around then. good post thanks rain! i am thinking of getting the book.

now you got me thinking of old days. my recollection of birds related old days are those from the sixties. saw a youtube "old days" black and white clip of a parrot in chinatown. i was like - hey i walked pass that street many times during the "old days" and yes i had seen that same parrot! now you probably can guess my age group...