Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scene from China

Well, didn't get to see much birding activity in China. Passed by a few houses with birds.
So far, below is the house with the most birds I have seen on the visit. One of the Hwamei is very loud....

Back home, on a more down to earth topic - the right to live.
As any bird keeper that lives near wooded areas, there will bound to be encounters with pests sooner or later. From the civet cat to the house cat, sooner or later one of these fellas is bound to show up. I have had my fair share of encounters and mishaps. To retaliate is easy, I have retaliated many times. But when I am sure the pest is innocent, it is only fair that they come to no harm.

So, I have decided to release an innocent tree shrew. Found not guilty in my court of law :-D

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